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Unbelievable Music UK exists to provide a 'human' interface between artists, writer/producers and music users, effectively serving as both publisher and record label.


Primarily, the publishing side of the business will support the exploitation of media-based music (library/production music). It can also serve to provide administration and royalty collection on behalf of copyright owners who are not affiliated to any society. Are you regularly performing your own music? Is it being broadcast? Do you know what might be due to you?


The record label aspect of the business will initially focus on the facilitation of worldwide online releases for artists recording original music who do not have an established outlet (un-signed).


The reason for starting Unbelievable Music is simple - over the years, I have built up contacts and established outputs for my own music and now it's time to expand and include the music of others. I'm interested in presenting a fair and honest deal for all concerned - why chase that elusive record deal when you might not need it anyway? And, if you do achieve it, you might lose control and make nothing!


You'll certainly lose nothing by contacting us for further info. Consequently, we'd like to hear from Composer/Producers looking to get into the 'music for media' business and independent artists interested in establishing an online output for their music.


Oh, and by the way, unlike many other organisations claiming to find outlets for your music, we don't charge subscription fees to 'hold' your music. It's simple - if you don't earn, neither do we!



Currently under re-construction - please bear with us.